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3 mobile phone-based jobs to work from home

Your mobile phone can do much more than meet your personal communication needs. You can do much more than just keeping in touch with your contact and surfing the net. You can now earn money with your mobile phone. And we don’t mean by selling it. But by working through it. That’s right. You can now earn something extra by doing mobile-based work at home jobs.

Many mobile jobs let you work from home using just your mobile device such as a smartphone, tablet or iPad. Although these jobs cannot be replacements for your day jobs, many lucrative mobile jobs let you work from the comfort of your home. A few of these jobs may require you to have a specific software or feature in your phone to work with them. This is mostly for technology compatibility purposes. Here are 4 mobile jobs to work from home

  • Perform field work through apps: One of the easiest ways to make some money through mobile-based work is by doing some field work such as testing mobile apps, taking photos of events and restaurants, mystery shopping, taking polls or delivering items. Using apps such as Gigwalk, Field Agent, EasyShift and so on, you can easily earn $2 to $20 doing such small tasks with your mobile phone.
  • Online tutoring and mentoring: Popular tutoring and mentoring apps such as MathElf and Mentored let you provide tutorials to students in the subject of your expertise. These apps require you to have a college degree, or you should be working on a college degree.
  • Evaluate search engine results: One of the most lucrative and simple mobile-based jobs from home is search engine evaluation. Companies such as Leapforce, iStonsoft and so on have clients who want reports on the performance of their search engines. Your job will involve researching and evaluating search engine results and reporting about them.

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