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4 things to know before buying a handheld vacuum

Handheld vacuums first came into the market as cordless dust-busters in 1979. Although their suction was weak and run time was poor, they made cleaning easier and simpler for a lot of people. With new innovations in technology, handheld vacuums are now equipped with quick-charging batteries, powerful suction, and additional accessories. Handheld vacuums are great for cleaning small spaces and hard-to-reach places. Right from pet litter to household dirt and litter, handheld vacuum cleaners can be useful to clean up the space you inhabit.

While buying a handheld vacuum, certain parameters need to be considered. This will ensure that you get the maximum value out of your purchase. Specifications such as weight, battery power, bin capacity, and runtime are some of the important criteria while choosing handheld vacuum. Based on these following factors, you can buy a vacuum cleaner that best suits your cleaning requirements:

  • Weight: Weight is one of the important aspects of handheld vacuum cleaners. This is mostly because handheld vacuum cleaners are meant for free mobility. You will need to lift them up while cleaning lampshades or curtains. The weight will play a major role during these tasks. The difference of a few pounds between two cleaners can affect how you use them. The effect of weight can be felt by holding a handheld vacuum cleaner at arm’s length.
  • Bin capacity: The bin capacity of a handheld vacuum cleaner indicates the amount of dirt that can be collected before the vacuum has to be emptied out. Although the bin capacity can be a huge factor for a full-sized vacuum cleaner, handheld models have another bin parameter that can make or break their utility. The ease and simplicity with which bins can be emptied are quite important in the case of handheld vacuum cleaners. Also, emptying the bin should be a quick process and should not consume a lot of time.
  • Duration and power of the batteries: Along with the design of the nozzle, battery power also determines the suction power of a vacuum. The runtime of your handheld vacuum will also be affected by the battery power. If you use your handheld vacuum cleaner frequently, it would be preferable to buy a model that has a long run time or charges quickly.
  • Accessories and features: Depending on your requirements, you will find handheld vacuum models with accessories and features that make cleaning easier. Accessories can include detachable hose, pivoting nozzle, crevice tools, charging docks, or DC plug, removable batteries and so on.

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