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5 Affordable New Cars to Choose From

A new car doesn’t always mean a big car and a big car doesn’t always mean its a good car. Sometimes, you will find that the affordable new cars are actually the smaller cars that offer a good performance, easy maintenance, and a budget-friendly price. Here is a list of the top five affordable new cars in the market:

Chevrolet Spark LS
The Chevrolet Spark is the smallest car from this brand, but it is definitely not small when it comes to features. This car is fitted with Apple CarPlay and also has an Android Auto phone integration. These fittings are standard in this car and work on a 7-inch display. This car also has 10 airbags in its body and is supported by a 1.4-liter engine which produces 98 hp. This car sells at around $13,925.

Mitsubishi Mirage ES Hatchback
This is the Mirage Hatchback from Mitsubishi and is different from the Mirage G4. This car has the best fuel economy ratings in its segment. It is considered more efficient and practical than other sedans from the brand. This car comes at an affordable price of around $14,290. The price makes up for the not-so-stylish looks and a less powerful engine.

Kia Rio LX Sedan
The Kia Rio is a sedan that can be bought at the rate of a hatchback. This car is a good deal in terms of its extra space, stylish looks, smart interiors, and a comfortable ride. Priced at around $14,795, this car gives you a four-cylinder engine, which is second-most powerful amongst all the affordable new cars. This car has a standard 5-inch touchscreen along with an Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and USB connectivity.

Ford Fiesta S Sedan
Ford Fiesta is available in an older generation in the country, but it is still one of the most loved cars. The Fiesta has a good steering tech along with a good engine that gives you great pleasure when you steer it around the city. This car is priced at around $15,080 and is one of the good cars that can be purchased from the affordable new cars segment.

Chevrolet Sonic LS Sedan
The Sonic LS Sedan from Chevrolet packs a solid 1.8-liter engine under its hood and provides a torque and horsepower that is enviable. This car beats some other popular cars in engine power. The car has been stylishly designed to complement its muscular strength and the interiors look fine and classy as well. You can buy this sedan for a price of around $16,170.

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