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5 different types of golf clubs

It is extremely tough to master the nuances of a complex sport like golf. Beginners, in particular, can find it to be exhausting and confusing because of the multiple rules and equipment involved. While one has to work hard on their skills, with the right clubs, golfing can turn into the most rewarding experience.

The following are some common types of golf clubs newbies should know of.

These types of golf clubs were initially made of wood; however, they are now created with materials like steel or titanium. Woods are useful for propelling the golf ball to the farthest distances. The heads of such clubs are large and rounded, whereas their base is flat, which allows the player to effortlessly swing the club over the ground. Driver and fairways are the two most popular kinds of woods used.

The irons are used once the player is closer to the green, i.e., when one is within 200 yards of the hole. The iron golf set covers clubs numbered from 3 to 9 and a pitching wedge. The lower numbered irons can be a little tricky to use. Therefore, several beginners adjust their golf set by picking a few wood clubs so that they could comfortably strike the ball and at the same time cover big distances.

The pitching wedge is incorporated in the standard iron set; however, one will need to purchase other types of wedges too. These golf clubs have a high loft with a short shaft and come in handy for hitting the ball over the tree or removing the golf ball from the sand. The sand, gap, and lob are some popular sorts of wedges that can be bought separately. However, the beginners, usually only need the pitching edge. They can buy the additional variety as their level of play advances.

Every golfer needs putter in their set as it serves an essential purpose, i.e., pushing the ball in the hole when the player is on the green. The putter clubs are available in 3 different styles, including heel-toe, mallet, and traditional blade. Mallets are the recommended option for most beginners. Generally, standard putters are 32 to 36 inches long; however, one can get them customized based on their comfort.

Also called as utility clubs, hybrids are a comparatively a newer addition in professional and recreational golf. The hybrids combine the shaft of the irons and the head of the fairway wood. They are designed to replace the lower numbered irons that are difficult to play with. These clubs cover the same distances as irons but are easier to swing, making them ideal for beginners.

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