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5 mistakes to avoid when planning a last minute holiday

The first tip of any travel guru is to book tickets and hotel stay as early as possible, to get a good deal. However, with the internet literally throwing offers and discounts at you, it may seem just as easy to plan a last minute holiday. While yes, it is possible to plan a last minute budget holiday, here are a few mistakes you should be beware of when planning a quick getaway.

Taking a holiday during the peak season
Whether it’s the beach or the hills you’re heading to, each place has a peak season and an offseason. Typically, when everyone heads to the beach, the hills are quiet and vice versa. Thus, if you’re planning a last minute holiday, don’t go where everyone else is headed. Visiting a place during the offseason helps you get better hotel and flight rates, and also gives you a chance to explore the place at your own pace.

Booking your stay just on a recommendation
When booking a hotel, don’t make your choice on merely one person’s recommendation. Understand that many factors could influence a person’s experience at a hotel including, when they stayed there, the company they had, the occasion if any that was being celebrated etc. Instead look at online reviews and take a more balanced view.

Flying on the weekend
The weekend is the most expensive time of the week to fly in. If you’re planning a last minute holiday, try starting it midweek so as to avail of lower air fares. In most cases, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the cheapest days to fly. When you’re looking at long distance flights, picking connecting flights may work out cheaper than a nonstop flight. However, this is an option that must be looked at only if you are taking a long holiday.

Making an inflexible plan
Flexibility is important for planning a budget holiday. From your travel dates to your itinerary, keeping things flexible can help you budget better and keep you calmer when things don’t go as planned. Don’t pack every day with a hundred things to do, instead leave time for exploring the place or simply relax.

Spending too much on accommodation
When it comes to late deals holidays, hotel costs typically take up a large part of your budget. While you do want to stay at a place that is comfortable and secure, indulging in an expensive hotel will keep you from enjoying other aspects of your holiday like experiences with local food or entertainment. If you are a few friends traveling together, you could look at service apartments instead of a hotel.

Get taken in by promotions
The moment you start searching for air tickets you will be snowed under by offers and discounts. While these may seem tempting to take up instantly, pay attention to the details and what all is offered in the package. Instead of random promotions, becoming a part of a loyalty program could be more beneficial to keeping your holiday within your budget.

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