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6 tips to makes mattresses last longer

A lot of mattress manufacturers offer their products at a discount during the sales. Sears mattress sale is a perfect option for any avid mattress buyer to purchase these mattresses. Below are listed some tips which will make any of these mattress purchased from Sears mattress sale or any sale last longer.

  •  Ensure that your mattress has proper support: Even if you have purchased the mattress from popular sales like Sears mattress sale, you should always check out for any warranty support that the mattress manufacturer might be offering. If you purchase any of spring mattresses from Sears mattress sale, you will need box springs for support. Memory foam or any other kind of specialty mattress when purchased from these sales will need firm and solid support.
  • Use a mattress protector: Mattresses which are purchased from Sears mattress sale should be protected from water spill as this will impact the longevity of the mattress in case you do not care for the same. You can also use a mattress protector to increase its age and ensure that it can repeatedly be used for an increased period.
  • Rotate the mattress on a regular basis: Whichever kind of mattress you purchase from Sears mattress sale, it will degrade with time in case you do not care for it. Ideally, the mattress should be rotated on a regular basis. In case, you do not rotate the mattress on a regular basis, it will lead to depressions and softening in the mattress which will make its life shorter. The mattress should be rotated 180 degrees from head to toe every two to six months. Doing this is all the more important in the first few years of purchasing the mattress including those mattresses purchased from Sears mattress sale.
  • Do not jump on the bed: Howsoever strong and robust the mattress might look, it will be damaged when you jump on the same. Springs in the mattress will wear down when excessive jumping on the mattress is done. Even the frames and foam will wear out with time if the mattress is not maintained in a proper condition.
  • Take care of your mattress: A mattress is a piece of fabric, and you can always protect it by encasing the same in plastic and by preventing it from folding. Even when you decide to move your mattress, it should be kept upright on their side.
  • Follow directions from manufacturers: Mattresses should be cleaned only as per the directions which manufacturers have given. Stain removing and cleaning should also be done according to the directions given, else it will spoil the essence of your mattress.

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