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7 ways to keep the charcoal grill clean

Charcoal barbecue grill-made foods are full of flavors, but to maintain the functionality of the grill, it needs some cleaning along with regular maintenance. Like any other kitchen appliance, charcoal BBQ grill needs cleaning at least once or even twice at the time of the grilling season. It’s important as the ash or carbon, and rust buildup is not healthy for your health.

Even manufacturers recommend cleaning the public grills before use because, before you, someone has used it.
Here is a checklist to ensure you have all the necessary things for cleaning the charcoal barbecue grill.

  • Several grills do not have peeling scope inside the lids due to a coating of porcelain enamel. You may find some small pieces of paint like debris sometimes. Relax! These aren’t any kind of paint but the accumulated grease and smoke which are collected while using the grill. Make sure to check these things if you’re purchasing a charcoal grill on sale. The debris can be removed by simple brushing. Use a stainless steel brush before grilling. If you want to prevent the accumulation in future, wipe the grill with paper towels. Even mild soap water solution can also be used after the cooking is finished. Always do this when the charcoal barbecue grill is warm but watch out for the temperature.
  • If you want to clean the inside portion, there are two ways; you can use machine One-Touch for removing excess grease and smoke accumulation out of the kettle bowl. Or use mild dishwashing soap with steel wool pad.
  • For cooking grates to be free from stain and ash, preheat the grill and open all the vents while maintaining the grill temperature high. Keep it like this for 10 to 15 minutes, and after that use the bristle brush made of stainless steel to dust off remaining debris. Residue attached to the grate can cause the food to stick while grilling.
  • For maintaining the charcoal BBQ grill perfectly fine for cooking, you can wipe down the lid as well as the bowl during cooling. Use mild detergent water or glass cleaner for this to get spotless shine.
  • Check the ash catcher every time you grill. Keep it sufficiently empty and don’t overcrowd the catcher.
  • Scrubbing with aluminum foil can be of excellent use. You can use it to clean the leftover debris off the part of the grate.
  • If you’re using a public grill, make sure to place a paper bag or plastic to remove the debris out of the charcoal barbecue grill into another bag.

Keep the aluminum foil, paper, and plastic bags, bristle brush, putty knife and grill brush (coarse brush) in store if you’re working on a charcoal barbecue grill. A properly cleaned grill can elevate the taste of the food by maintaining appropriate hygiene.

If you haven’t purchased one already, look for the best charcoal grills on sale. However, opt for reliable and reputed brands even if you want to buy charcoal grills for sale.

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