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A brief history of car tires

The first tires were made of bands of leather and in time with steel and even wood. Craftsmen who work on tires were called as the wheelwrights.

Air-filled car tires was a major step forward in the industry as its shock absorbent levels were very high, though the solid rubber tires were preferred as they were durable. In 1898 Goodyear tire and Rubber Company was founded and was considered the first firm in this industry. For the next half-century, car tires had an inner tube which had compressed air and an outer tube which protected the inner tube.

Michelin introduced the first steel belted car tires into the market and these aided in longer life and better steering control. The tire was protected by a steel fabric that runs around the circumference of the tire.

The first patent on a wheel came up in the mid-1800’s; it was not until the early 1900’s did synthetic tires came along. And since then, the technology that goes into tires have only grown. The tires of this day and age have superior grip, performance, and durability. They have greater shock absorption, superior traction, and brilliant sustenance.

In the past few years many new modern concepts of tires have come up, one such amazing idea is the shape shifting tire, the usage of an e-membrane which adapts to driving methods and terrain have been introduced. A tire that uses the heat generation during the drive to make energy and transfers it to the battery of the car was also put up a few years ago. And perhaps one of the most important concepts, tires that adapt to the weather.

The next few decades will certainly see great leaps forward in this industry that shall benefit every user around the world.

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