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Affordable Android phones to suit every pocket

When you enter a retail shop to buy a phone, the first thing that the seller asks you are your budget and requirements. Affordable Android phones may not be the best in the market but have the widest share due to their low price. Most wholesalers keep used mobile phones for sale that have been used for a limited period and satisfy the terms and conditions. Second-hand mobile phones that have been refurbished with better accessories and transformed into superior-quality products may also be available. Furthermore, wholesalers receive clearance stocks and opened phones that are sold at heavy discounts even though they have not been used at all making them the most affordable Android phones. The deals provided on used mobile phones are worth giving a try especially if you are planning to buy for a short period.

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge
    Since the launch of the Galaxy S8 and the Edge variant have in the market, the S7 versions have become budget android phones. The used mobile phones are available from $370 to $500 on different sites such Best Buy, Amazon, and Glyde.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5
    The benefit of a stylus can now be availed by purchasing this second-hand mobile phone by paying the price between $270 and $490 on Amazon. Although it was launched a few years ago, it is still a hot favorite among customers who are now interested in spending money in buying the S8.
  • LG G5
    This is an affordable Android phone and is available at $170 to $335 for used versions on Amazon. The removable battery allows you to change batteries should the need arise.
  • Moto Z
    The second-hand mobile phone that boasts amazing battery life is provided by Best Buy for about $300. Various other accessories can be purchased, such as additional speakers or batteries, at discounted prices.
  • HTC 10
    This already-affordable Android phone’s second-hand versions are available at a further reduced price of $160 to $440 in the market. It is a full-fledged music phone that features speakers on the top and bottom edge of the phone for enhanced audibility.

There are many other Android phone discounts available, especially around Thanksgiving and Christmas, that make even the most expensive handsets affordable. The biggest problem with second-hand mobile phones is that most of the times, only handsets are available and the accessories such as headphones or chargers have to be purchased separately. Most wholesalers provide prices on the phone alone and not the complete set that may require you to pay extra money as hidden costs.

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