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Affordable Windows phones with great features

Windows, the operating system that ruled our computers and laptops for years, was released in smartphones for the first time in 2008 amidst much fanfare. Ten years down the line, it has become really hard for it to compete in the market owned by the likes of Android and iOS. While it aims to compete with these operating software giants, it somehow lacks that oomph factor due to which it has failed to draw the interest of customers. Many users say that Windows ventured into the market pretty late and by that time Android and iOS had already secured a place in the market. Moreover, once users started using the other systems, it became difficult for them to shift to Windows which had a very distinct interface. Nevertheless, it has always strived to bring the best experience to its users through its smartphones, and those who wish to have all the features of a laptop in their mobile phone have shown immense interest towards the brand. There are a few affordable Windows phones that were launched to target the lower income group and to compete with the loyalists of various Android phones.

  • Nokia Lumia 735
    Buyers were given a dose of nostalgia when Windows launched its operating software in association with Nokia that also marked Nokia’s comeback in the smartphone segment. This affordable Windows phone is one such model from the range that is characterized by a long battery life, something that is synonymous with Nokia.
  • Nokia Lumia 635
    It is a cheap Windows phone that has a sturdy body just like the Nokia phones belonging to the black and white era. However, it does not have a front camera which is a big turn off in this age of selfies, and the lack of flash makes the back camera completely useless in dark rooms. The only good part about this affordable Windows phone is its compatibility with 4G networks.
  • Microsoft Lumia 640
    This phone might have a better display than others, but its design is not very appealing. However, its 8-megapixel camera, 4G support, and other great features make it one of the most affordable Windows phones at the particular price range. It is the cheapest Windows phone sold by Microsoft.
  • Nokia Lumia 930
    This flagship phone from the house of Nokia and Windows has managed to stand apart amid the intense competition. Powered by Windows 8.1 and 2 GB RAM, this phone can be said to be best in the Windows range.

If you plan to compare Windows phones for a better understanding of the specifications, keep in mind that you may be left disappointed with the similarity of the different models being rolled. Most of them will have one or two attributes distinct; rest remains the same.

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