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All about Jitterbug Cell Phones

Jitterbug is a cell phone that has been developed by GreatCall. GreatCall is popular for providing technology and health products for the elderly. The Jitterbug cell phone is a specially developed cell phone for the senior citizens of the country. This cell phone comes with basic features of a mobile phone. It is best for adults who find smartphones complicated and difficult to operate. Moreover, it is perfect for those senior adults who have never used a cell phone before.

Are there different types of Jitterbug cell phones?

Yes, there are two variants of the Jitterbug mobile phone. The first is known as Jitterbug Flip phone that costs about $75. The second variant is known as Jitterbug Smartphone that costs about $113. Both cell phones come with durable battery life. They also come with a camera with flash. Following are some of the particular specifications of each of the Jitterbug cell phone variant.

Jitterbug Flip cell phone

-This phone comes in two colors: graphite and red
-It consists of YES and NO options that make it extremely easy to use
-It has a magnifier feature to see things more clearly
-The camera is of 2MP with LED flash
-It comes with 1GB ROM, allowing you to store hundreds of contacts

Jitterbug Smart cell phone

-It is a smartphone that comes in black
-Its menu is easy to navigate and understand
-It comes with a full-size keyboard for convenience and accessibility
-The camera is 5MP and comes with flash and has an autofocus feature
-It comes with 8GB ROM that enables you to store a lot of pictures and contacts

Benefits of a Jitterbug cell phone

-It makes using a cell phone easier than ever
-It is very simple to use with an elderly-friendly interface
-Setting up the Jitterbug cell phone is quick and effortless
-The phone has a big screen and big numbers that are easier to see
-It has the highest rating as it is compatible with hearing aids
-The dialing keys are backlit, making it convenient to view in daylight and in the dark
-The Jitterbug phones come with the ability to dial with voice, making calling simpler
-There are flexible call, text, and data plans to suit different needs of the elderly
-A five star symbol is part of both the cell phone variants, which helps an agent to get to the elderly person whenever help is required.

What are the Jitterbug cell phone plans?

GreatCall gives flexible plans on a monthly basis. There are three plans: one is for calling, another for texting, and a third for Internet data. The calling and texting plans are applicable only to the Jitterbug Flip cell phone. All three plans are applicable to the Jitterbug Smart cell phone. Unlimited talk time and texting can be obtained at about $50 per month for both. With Jitterbug Smart cell phone, you can also receive 100MB of data when you get the unlimited pack.

You can also add health and safety plans. These are based on the number of minutes you want per month. Note that you can get an unlimited health and safety plan for just $40. With the Jitterbug Smart cell phone, you will additionally receive unlimited Internet data. You can also opt for health and safety packages according to your need. There are three safety packages to choose from: basic, preferred, and ultimate. These packages give you different add-on services to choose from. You can check the official website of GreatCall for more information.

Jitterbug customer service

The customer service is excellent and helpful. They explain the features of the phone and how to use the features. They help the elderly make any modifications with regards to their account. They can also dial a phone number for the elderly if the need arises. The customer service helps make using the Jitterbug phone effortless for new users too.

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