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All you wished to know about the new-age air fryers

The air fryers are the new rage in the world of cooking, and the entire world is going ga-ga over it. Wondering how the air fryer actually works? In case the air fryer appears to you like something that is going to warm up the air, then your speculations are actually right. An air fryer can be described as a kitchen appliance that facilitates cooking of various items through extremely hot air. It is a new invention that has taken the cooking industry by storm, and a rising number of consumers are interested in it.

How does the air fryer work?

Most air fryers around the world use a technology termed as the Rapid Air Technology for cooking any item that you would otherwise have dunked in deep oil. The new age technology works with the circulation of air in high temperature, which can rise up to 200 degrees. This helps in frying everything from potatoes to fish to chicken and a lot more. The technology has brought about a new era of cooking methods and a renewed generation of technology. If you are worried about the taste of the cooked food, then you can rest assured that they are absolutely browned and crisped to perfection so that even the fussiest member of the family doesn’t get a chance to complain. And the best part, the food thus cooked, contains about 80 percent less oil and fat, which is great for your health.

What contributes to the efficiency of air fryers?

The cooking chamber of the air fryer works by radiating heat from the heating element lying in close vicinity to the food items, which results in efficient and appropriate cooking. There is an exhaust fan located right above the cooking chamber, which ensures optimum level of airflow. As a result, the heated air constantly passes through the food and each part receives an equal amount of heating. The fan, as well as the grill, helps in blasting hot air at an increasing speed so that it is reflected in the goodness and taste of the food.

How much time does it take to cook in an air fryer?

There is a wide removable tray in the air fryers, which resembles a rice cooker. It serves a hot and crisp meal within a short span of time. Even though it is called a fried food owing to its crispness, the food cooked in the air fryers are much healthier and low in calorie content compared to the traditional cooking method. For instance, a batch of French fries would only use up a teaspoon of oil and take about 10 to 12 minutes for being ready to serve. On a similar note, air fryers will give you steaks to hamburgers with the drop of a hat. Even though it may sound absurd, you can bake a whole cake in just 25 minutes.

So, what can be better than the air fryers? If you are a modern homemaker, make sure you own one.

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