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Apparel and Accessories for Different Occasions

Apparel doesn’t define your character, but it defines your personality. Hence, choosing the right apparel is important as it reflects your personality. While going for an important occasion such as meeting, interview, date, or party, the first question that clings your mind is, “what to wear?” followed by, “how to accessorize it?” All you want is an outstanding look and a remarkable appearance. This is possible only if you dress up according to the occasion and your body type. Read on to know what to wear on different occasions.

Apparel and accessories for a meeting

Whether it is meeting, conference or an interview, never wear anything that makes you look unconfident or exaggerated. Try to look simple, confident, and professional. So, choose for formal dresses and accessories.

For men

Do not opt for anything other than a suit with a tie. Try avoiding casuals such as t-shirts, hoodies, track pants, and shorts. Wear a clean, body-fit suit with well-polished shoes. You can wear a formal chain or leather wrist watch. Do not wear any broach on your coat, it may look clumsy.

For women

Keep it simple but classy. You may wear a formal shirt with a coat and trousers or with a knee-length pencil skirt. You need not wear earrings or other jewelry, but if you want to, choose simple tops. Keep your makeup light by applying a base cream with a face powder and a light lip color. It is better if you wear a toe covering footwear either white or black in color. It must be clean and must not contain shimmer.

Apparel and accessories for a date

Dates are always special. It is a quality time that you spend with your loved ones. So, you always want to look stunning. However, it is also important to feel comfortable in your dress. So, always wear something that is comfortable and makes you feel good.

For men

Most women like a dainty look. A suit with a broach, pocket square, tie or a bow will do. If you are choosing all the three, keep your tie or bow simple but stylish. Make a combination of dark and light. If your coat is dark, your tie and pocket square must be light in color. The tie must blend with your shirt.

If you are wearing jeans, pair it up with a t-shirt and sneakers. Wear light color during the day and dark one on a night date.

For women

If you are going on a dinner date, choose slightly shimmering clothes or accessories. If you are planning to wear a glossy dress, keep your accessories simple and elegant. Your dress must be classy, body fit, and comfortable.

If you are meeting on a lunch date or anytime during the day, keep your makeup simple and natural. Your dress must be light colored may be white or peach. You may accessorize it by complementing jewelry. Do not forget to practice sitting and walking in the dress so that you do not feel uncomfortable when you are with your partner. Try to be yourself and avoid overdoing with your makeup or jewelry.

Apparel and accessories for a party

Party is the time to enjoy and have fun. So, your dress must be classy, comfortable, and according to the mood of the party. If it is a theme party, do not spoil it by dressing up differently. If it is a wedding party, opt for bright colors like red, blue or any other dark color. If you are preparing for a club party, choose a hot dress with shimmers. If it is a casual party, opt for a casual apparel.

For men

You must dress according to the mood of the party. You may try something formal or ethnic when going to a marriage party. Maybe a suit or tuxedo will look good. But if you are on a casual party, choose a casual t-shirt, jacket and a pair of ragged jeans. You can also add some accessories like chains, cap, and rings if you want.

For women

You can wear a gown or a knee-length dress for a wedding. Colors like blue, red or peach may look good for a wedding. Add on accessories such as earrings, finger rings, neck piece to your dress if required. You may wear heels if comfortable. If you are going to a casual party, wear a casual dress like jeans and jacket with a stylish top and some casual jewelry like a bracelet, necklace, and earring. If the party is in a club, wear a shimmering dress. Keep your jewelry plain and simple if your dress is heavy.

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