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How to identify the best probiotic supplement

The best probiotics available in the market are rated with the number of good bacteria content inside the pack. Research says at least one billion bacteria cultures are allowed and permissible by the lab for any given quality test. The lab scientists say they are viable and potent. If you dig deep into clinical trial findings with the help of probiotic and health experts, we can identify the best probiotics in the market. Take a sample of 200-300 supplements from different variants and sellers like and check the purity, potency and the efficiency that was projected while marketing and in real time. Narrow down to another 70-100 supplements. This should only be done under surveillance of certified scientists from either ConsumerLab, NSF or Labdoor. These supplements are not quality controlled by FDA but by lab scientists themselves.

After this, make sure each supplement has at least 1billion Colony Forming Units (CFU’s). The supplement with more CFU holds higher chances of being effective. Be careful as a little overdose can lead to unusual cramps and bloating. Sometimes under testing, you can find that combination of two strains might work as a better probiotic. For example, combining Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Bifidobacterium Bifidum BB-12 they have proven to fight the antibiotic- resistant GI infection.

Once you take a better check on the bacteria, you can find that linking strain of bacteria supports our immune system, antibiotic recovery, weight loss, lowering cholesterol, etc. Now test the proportion of or required bacteria combinations relative to their CFU count. After the sample is gotten with the Labdoor scores chose the duo force with minimum additives. Once you have checked all required tests verify the manufacturing date and expiry date because some bacteria die out soon. Usually, the best in the market will list their potency in Colony Forming Units promising the worth of your money. Even if they do not have a specific requirement, you can advise the customers to always read about the importance of good bacteria in our system. Finally, conclude the sampling process by picking the best among the group.

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