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Cool furnishing tips for a small bedroom space

Owning a large home and having a lavish bedroom as part of it is a dream come true for most of us. But that doesn’t mean people who live in small homes with a limited bedroom space need to stay depressed. In fact, there are more than one way in which you can decorate your bedroom and lend an impressive look to it.

Therefore, before you start to slide the furniture pieces across the floor, here are a few tips that you should consider, especially, if your bedroom space is small.

Place the bed in the center
The bed is always the focal point of any bedroom, and in case your bedroom is too small, you should attempt to place the bed in the center so that it is visible and makes your bedroom appear larger. This also gives you a chance to access the bed from all sides, and you can place nightstands on any side of the bed.

Put the dresser in the closet
When it comes to small bedrooms, large pieces of furniture can make the place appear cramped and congested. If you have a spacious closet, this dispute can be avoided by using the closet as a place for the chest or dresser. This would invariably free up the floor space and make the room appear visibly larger.

Place the rug in the right position
The bedroom rug may appear to add no decorative detail to your bedroom space, but did you know that it can make your bedroom appear larger? You should try to place it in such a way that you have something soft to step on every morning and adorn your floor space. Here, the size of the rug is also a considerable factor, particularly in a small bedroom where the availability of space is limited.

Be creative with your storage space
Storage is the most crucial aspect in small spaces, particularly in the bedrooms where the maximum amount of belongings are kept. In such cases, under-bed storage and custom shelves are the best means to store the necessary items. You may also consider placing an ottoman storage at the foot of the bed for additional storage. Another option is to opt for storage beds available for the smaller bedrooms to make it look larger and stylish.

It can be immensely frustrating to arrange a small bedroom, if you don’t have a clear idea of where you want to place various things. Therefore, it is recommended to take a pencil and a piece of paper to sketch it out so that you can visualize your bedroom, before actually placing the different pieces of furnishing. With these few tips in mind, you can ensure that you utilize your bedroom space to its full potential and be prepared to boost your joy.

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