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DIY wall decor for stunning interiors

Decorating a plain wall with stuff bought from IKEA is fun, but you know what is better? DIYs! DIYs or do-it-yourself’s are creative projects that allows you to make or build things and actually use them. As they are home-made they give a cozy feel to your blank-walls! So ladies and gentleman, put on your creative gloves, because we are creating some DIYs for your walls. These wall decorating ideas would go easy on your wallet and yet, would give your home a majestic feel.

Tinted flowers
The first wall decorating idea is quite simple yet beautiful. You will need some plain white coffee filters, blue dye, water, a bowl, yellow card stock paper and a large circular hole puncher. First, you have to mix the water and dye in the bowl and then slowly dip the edges of one coffee filter into it. Take it out and let it dry. While they dry, punch out some yellow holes with the hole puncher and card stock. When the coffee filters are dry, stick the yellow dots at the center. Repeat this until they form the shape of a flower. Once stuck, arrange the coffee filters in a design on the wall and stick it down with double-sided tape. Bam! From filters to tinted flowers.

Paint your heart out !
The next idea is simple-painting canvases! Several simple designs can be found online and all you have to do is replicate it. You just have to paint, tape or sprinkle glitter, and voila, your wall is ten times brighter. Some chevron or checker patterns with bright colors puts the decor in decorate.

Stack it up with Popsicle
Are you on a budget and can’t afford new shelves? Or did you not find anything that matches your aesthetic senses? Well, that can easily be fixed. Using Popsicle sticks and a hot glue gun, you can glue them and make a shelf! Guaranteed it may not have a long shelf-life’ or hold heavy items, but they fill up your wall and you can keep tiny collectibles on them. They are easy to make and cute. Just glue the ends of the Popsicle together in the shape of your choice and done!

Scribble Art
This last wall decorating idea is cute yet very unique-scrabble wall art! Want to know how? Well, cut wood squares (9.5″ x 9.5″s). Print out a high-res picture of any letter in approximately the same size as the wood square. Scribble with pencil on the back of your printed letter. It turns the print into homemade carbon transfer paper. Put your printed tile on top of your wood square. Trace the edges of the scrabbled letter with a light grey tracing till you end up with a light grey tracing. Paint the letter in with black paint. Wait for the paint to dry, then flip the wood over. Mark a point, hammer your nail in and hang it up!

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