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Easy appetizers that you can make in a jiffy

If you are an office goer who has a packed schedule around the clock, you might get very less or no time to cook something extravagant on a daily basis. Cooking a complete entree on the go when you are already running low on time is not an option. To add to it, a nine-hour desk job which compels you to sit in front of a laptop or desktop makes it more challenging to prepare something which is light on the stomach and is made with minimal efforts. Even for those who manage to get some time out of their schedule might find it difficult to pull off appetizers which require lot of ingredients and pre-preparation. There are many ways that you can cook yourself delicious appetizers within a short span of time.

The best way to prepare an easy on-the-go appetizer, is use leftovers from last night’s dinner. For instance, if you had prepared something out of baked beans last night, you can add chopped spring onions or regular onions, tomatoes and sliced jalapenos. Mix them well with a salad dressing of your choice and there you have it! A healthy baked beans salad with a veggie twist, which can be prepared in no time.

You can use the same baked beans (sans the gravy) and add them to nachos. Trans fat and cholesterol free nachos are available in stores, add those beans and finely diced bell peppers, and tomatoes to the nachos. Shred some cheese on those baked beans topped nachos and bake them in the oven until the cheese melts. A simple yet filling appetizer.

A simple appetizer for bacon lovers is bacon wrapped wedges or fries. Cut potatoes in the shape of wedges or fries, drain and pat dry them. Wrap with bacon strips and flip bake them at 400 degrees in the over for under half an hour or until crisp. Sprinkle salt and herbs seasoning on top and serve hot.

Bacon can also be added along with the conventional recipe of deviled eggs. Hard boil 6 eggs and cut them to half. Remove their yolk and mash mix them with mayonnaise. You can use flavored mayonnaise if you wish to add an extra and a different taste to your appetizer. Chop bacon slices finely and either add them to the mixture or stuff them separately in the eggs. Sprinkle some black or red pepper or other herbs of your choice on the bacon-added deviled eggs to give them a unique taste.

Easy appetizers are definitely a go-go if you don’t want to waste much time in the kitchen and yet create relishing appetizers for yourself or for the guests that have arrived unannounced.

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