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Echo Dot 3rd Gen To upgrade or not to upgrade

One of the major dilemmas people face during the sale period is whether to upgrade from their previous year’s device or continue using it as it is still functional. However, nobody can resist a good bargain offer, which is why you need to be sure whether you wish to upgrade or not. If you don’t make the decision right away, there are high chances that you might lose out on an amazing deal. So, if you are contemplating whether the time to bid adieu to your Echo Dot 2nd Generation has arrived or you want to upgrade to Echo Dot 3rd Generation, which is making waves since its arrival, you’ll need help making the right call.

So, let’s go through some basic features of the Echo Dot 2nd Generation and the Echo Dot 3rd Generation as this will help you make an informed decision.

The design
The most evident distinction between the Gen-2 and Gen-3 is the design. The Echo Dot 3rd Generation has the upper-hand when it comes to the appearance of the device. The Gen-3 has a well-rounded shape and fabric-bound speaker that wraps the entire body of the device, and this lends it a sophisticated finish. Whereas, the Gen-2 has a more smooth plastic finish, which wasn’t quite aesthetically-pleasing. The Gen-3 is available in three colors: Heather Grey, Charcoal, and Sandstone, whereas, the Gen-2 is available only in black and white colors.

Varied features
The Echo Dot 3rd Generation tries to get everything right that went wrong with the Echo Dot 2nd Generation. The Gen-2 speakers were often equated with an old transistor radio when it came to playing songs, and people often refrained buying it due to its dainty sound quality. Whereas, the Echo Dot 3rd Generation has a powerful speaker that is louder by 70 percent and the sound quality is great as well. Also, like the Echo Dot 2nd Generation, the Gen-3 Dot also connects to other speakers via Bluetooth or an audio cable if you choose to. As it is the Gen-3 device, it does away with the micro-USB power port and the “Drop In” features allows you to connect Echo to other devices in the other parts of the house.

Better accessibility
With the Echo Dot 3rd Generation, Amazon has refined its accessibility features both on the device and on the Alexa app. This includes features to assist with speech, mobility, vision, and hearing. For instance, for people with hearing needs, the light ring on the Dot 3 would change colors on the basis of the action Alexa takes or can increase the volume by voice commands or by touch. Moreover, the Alexa app even supports larger text settings and compatibility with screen reader software. In a nutshell, the Echo Dot 3rd Generation is more user-friendly than its predecessor.

So, if there’s a sale of the Amazon Echo line, you can justify your upgrade to the latest version because the Echo Dot 3rd Generation has a better speaker, greater accessibility features, and looks suave.

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