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Guard against these common ENT infections

The human body is quite vulnerable to different kinds of infections which are caused by malicious external agents. What is being implied is that, every part of our body is vulnerable to infections. The most common infections that can cause mild irritation to severe pain are the Ear-Nose-Throat infections, popularly known as ENT infections. The trio is intricately related to each other. That’s how unique a human body is. ENT infections are quite common and mostly affects children. But, adults too aren’t spared from the onslaught of ENT infections.

ENT infections can be trivial or very severe. Here’s a list of the common ENT infections that can affect anyone irrespective of their age.

Outer and middle ear infections- If you are diagnosed with outer ear infection, the ear canal is the one that suffers the most. You might experience itching in the ear canal, pain and swelling in the ear canal, and a crust-like formation can be seen around the ear canal. Middle ear infections affect the space behind the eardrum. Ear infections are mostly an extension of nose and throat. You might experience earache, fever, dizziness, and hearing loss in extreme cases.

Meniere’s disease (ears)- The Meniere’s disease affects the inner ear. The infection occurs in one ear but there are instances when both the ears are affected. You experience vertigo or dizziness and loss of hearing.

Nosebleed- Nosebleed is common among children but constant nosebleed is not to be ignored. This occurs when the blood vessels rupture due to constant picking of the nose or because of common cold.

Sinusitis (Nose)- Sinusitis is a condition in which a common cold or respiratory infection can cause a blockage in the sinuses. This is a common ENT infection which results in a stuffy nose, postnatal drip, severe headache, soreness, etc.

Pharyngitis (throat)- Pharyngitis is an ENT infection which affects the throat. This infection causes the swelling, pain, and redness of the pharynx (throat). It is viral in nature and affects kids mostly. The bacteria that cause strep throat are also responsible for this condition.

Tonsillitis (throat)- A serious and irritating ENT infection is Tonsillitis. One can experience sharp pain when you swallow something. This condition is caused by the inflammation of the tonsils. Common cold and strep throat are the causes of this infection.

Our Ear-Nose-Throat trio is interconnected and what ails one can affect the other in no time. So, the bottom line is, never ignore a common cold, it can result in severe nose or ear infection.

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