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Here’s how to stop watery eyes

Epiphora is a term given to the condition when there is an involuntary overflow of tears without any possible reason. This medical condition is typically referred to as watery eyes and it usually occurs in infants, children under two years of age, and seniors over the age of 60. However, it may happen at any age and may be triggered by infections, allergies, and the like.

While this condition does not have any harmful consequences, a severe case of watery eyes may cause a lot of inconvenience to the sufferer. The treatment for watery eyes depends on the severity of the condition and the underlying causes, therefore, may vary with every individual. Some of the common ways of how to cure watery eyes have been listed below.

Natural remedies
Often the cause of watery eyes in many people may stem from dry eye syndrome. In such instances, it is recommended that you avoid straining your eyes and stop reading, watching TV, and using a computer to prevent the condition from worsening. Often applying cucumber, milk and other cooling agents over the eyes may help stop watery eyes. Placing a cold compress over the eyes is another great way to stoop watery eyes.

OTC eye drops
Many over the counter eye drops are known to relieve watery eyes that are caused by the underlying dry eye syndrome. Eye drops provide necessary lubrication to the eyes that in turn help comfort dry eyes.

Often bacterial infections like conjunctivitis cause eyes to water. In these cases, it is wise to go to your healthcare expert who may prescribe you with the relevant antibiotic. If watery eyes is a result of an allergic reaction, you may get a prescription of some antihistamine that would help lessen inflammation. It is, however, important to get a prescription from a certified doctor and stick to the dosage religiously.

Minor surgery
Often the presence of a foreign object or an ingrown eyelash may cause the eyes to water. This can be corrected by a minor procedure of removing the grit, object or eyelash by an eye expert. Depending on the cause and intensity of the problem, your doctor may recommend suitable surgery, if required.

Here’s how to stop watery eyes in babies
While many young parents wonder how to stop watery eyes in children, the truth is that improving the condition in babies is the easiest of treatments. You can simply cure watery eyes in babies by massaging the tear ducts and dislodging tears collected in the upper part of the tear duct. To massage the tear duct, it is important you apply light pressure with your index fingers.

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