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How to choose the best deodorant

Deodorants for many of us have turned into a daily must-have hygiene accessory. This could be because we are constantly traveling or physically moving around which leads to excessive sweating. In such situations, looking great is not enough, one must feel awesome and refreshed too. And an amazing deodorant can help you to do that.

While buying a deodorant, here are a few things that you should keep in mind to help you make the finest choice.
Fragrance The idea of a perfect fragrance is subjective for everyone. For example, if you find a fragrance pleasant and alluring, it doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone else too might find it appealing. So, focus on your instincts and buy what you truly resonate with, not what others are using.

Preferences As a consumer, you will have your own personal preferences in terms of fragrances, brands, and ingredients. For example, a certain consumer may only want to purchase a deodorant that is formulated using organic ingredients rather than the ones with chemical. Narrowing down to a niche can help you choose better.

Lasting deodorant You will find several deodorants that advertise that they last up to 24 hours a day. Practically speaking, you don’t need to smell amazing for 24 hours a day. So, aim at buying a deodorant that at least comfortably stays for eight to ten hours.

Odor masking ability Deodorants have one primary task, i.e., to fight all the bacteria emitting odor through sweat. Make sure that whichever deodorant you buy has an amazing ability to neutralize the odor as well as fight the bacterial growth throughout the day.

Non-allergic It is quite common to develop allergies after using certain kinds of deodorants. This is chiefly because the ingredients used in the deo are unsuitable for your body, especially if you have a sensitive skin. Before you buy a deodorant, ensure that your skin is not allergic to it. You can test it on a patch of your skin or buy a small trial version to assess its effects.

Unstained application Many deodorants when applied over the armpits can leave permanent stains, which can spoil the apparels. If you are unsure about this particular feature, you can test it on a piece of clothing to confirm whether it goes away or stays.

If you want to try something new, you should explore the unisex product line for deodorants. Malin and Goetz Eucalyptus, Dove, The Body Shop Deo Dry Chilled & Breezy, L’Occcitane Aromachologie, Schmidt’s, Calvin Klein One, Tom Ford Neroli Portofino, Secret, Tom’s of Maine, Arrid, etc. are considered as the 10 best deodorants in the gender-neutral category.

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