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Know about the cost of buying or renting a portable oxygen machine

You no longer have to visit the oxygen therapy centers to get your body the oxygen it needs. With developing technology, these oxygen machines have become portable and have reached your home to provide you with the necessary amount of oxygen, irrespective of place and time.

As an integrated part of such an active lifestyle, different companies have emerged all around providing you the best quality portable oxygen machines at the lowest cost and even on a rental basis so that everyone in need of it can be catered to. Through secure payment methods and easy availability of portable oxygen machines, keeping up a healthy lifestyle is not an issue anymore.

Best portable oxygen machine at the best price for buying and rentals:

Available in a wide range of variants, different suppliers provide portable oxygen machines with different oxygen capacities. Accompanied by smooth air flow and oxygen concentrations as high as 90%, they are equipped with smart controls for easy user access.

With such great technical aspects, there are a whole lot of manufacturers who provide these machines at extremely affordable prices. Respironics, SeQual, Invacare, LifeChoice, AirSep, and Inogen are some of the brands widely known for portable oxygen machines. Starting from a base price of about $300, they are available up to the range of $800, depending upon the oxygen capacity and other features.

People who require these machines occasionally are now provided with an option for rentals. Thousands of stores and medical care websites provide portable oxygen machine on rent, which includes the machine along with batteries, mobile cart, adapters, accessory case, and cannula. Daily rentals start from about $30-$40 a day for four consecutive days and $12 for each additional day. Weekly rentals are for approximately $200$ for the starting week and nearly a $100 more for every extra week.

With increasing demands and advancing portable technology, users are assured that they will be offered best prices for the equipment.

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