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Know the perfect gift for a little boy

Wondering what to gift a little boy? With Cozy Coupe® Trucks from Little Tikes and the fleet of Hess Toy Trucks available for boys to play with, finding the best gifts for them is easy.

The durable Little Tikes Cozy Truck is a fun ride for energetic little boys who like wheels. Whizzing around the house or yard with these truck-styled toys that have a realistic-looking front grill and rugged “off-road” wheels allows active little lads to spend their time playing either indoors or outside. This ride-on truck is fitted with a steering wheel, a working horn, drop-down tailgate and a floorboard that can be removed to accommodate growing toddlers.

The Little Tikes Cozy Coupe® Truck has a driver’s door that can be opened and shut and is fascinating for young children. The foot to floor format in the Cozy Coupe is easy to start and stop and is ideal for toddlers and preschoolers alike. Durably built with safety in mind, the Little Tikes Cozy Truck makes boys squeal with excitement, and certainly, their playtime comes alive. With the handle on the back that enables parents/caretakers to control or push the rides, even younger children can enjoy riding in the Cozy Coupe® Truck.

If you are looking to gift different sets of wheels for slightly older boys, especially 3 years and older, then the Hess Toy Trucks are a perfect choice. Coated with lead-free paints, the battery operated Hess Toy Trucks are designed as three different limited edition collections in 2018, the Mini Collection, the Collector’s Edition and the Holiday Hess Toy Trucks. You could log on to the official website to view their entire collection and order them online or make a phone order so the trucks can be delivered at your doorstep. Remember that a service fee is charged for phone orders, and signing up for Hess Toy Truck alerts online lets you take advantage of their discount sales. The Hess Tanker Trailer, Hess Toy Truck and Racer, Hess Toy Truck and Space Shuttle with Satellite, Hess Monster Truck with Motorcycles, Dump Truck and Loader are only a few of the multitude of trucks designed by Hess. The doors that open and shut, working LED lights, rubber foot treads, rubber oil delivery hose that spools and unspools, hydraulic lift pistons, realistic engine sounds, extending excavator’s arms, rotating cabins, horns and flashers are just a few features that Hess Toy Trucks are fitted with. If it is already not a tradition, then start a new one by purchasing the quality yet affordable Hess Toy Trucks directly from the company now.

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