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Nintendo gaming systems – Making your gaming experience worthwhile

Nintendo is a very famous and one of the largest gaming company based in Japan. It deals with electronics and video games that are famous worldwide. The Nintendo headquarters are located in Kyoto, Japan. Nintendo game systems have created one of the best games and are played by users worldwide especially in the US. The company has created about seven home video game consoles and many portable gaming consoles which are enjoyed by the Nintendo users.

Nintendo Switch
The Nintendo Switch is the seventh major video game developed by the company and is often known by a codename of Exit and was released worldwide on March 27, 2017, and will complete a year soon. People love Nintendo Switch because it is a hybrid gaming console, and you can easily connect it to your television at home or connect the NX to your laptop or tablet and enjoy the game wherever you are. It is one of the highest selling products of the Nintendo Company. The Nintendo Switch is packed with amazing features such as switch and play and versatility. It has joy-con that gives you total game flexibility and has the rumble feature that gives a great feeling to the overall performance; this all makes the gaming experience become all the more fun and new. The touch sensor is very responsive and is a very important aspect of a gaming console. The Nintendo Switch prices have definitely come down and there are many deals available on Nintendo Switch making it affordable for everyone.

Nintendo 3Ds
The Nintendo 3Ds is definitely a better way to play your game; it’s the successor of the Nintendo Ds line of the handheld gaming systems. The best thing about the 3Ds is that it is capable of producing the best 3D effects without the need to wear any 3D glasses. It definitely provides with the best features and the 3D literally follows you. Till now, the reviews for Nintendo 3Ds have been really very good and people have really loved this console. You will often find discounts on Nintendo 3Ds which makes the prices of Nintendo 3Ds become affordable, thereby greatly helping you avoid creating a dent in your pocket. The new Nintendo 3DS XL is an improved version of the 3DS. It has some new and major buttons and inputs such as the C-stick which allows a better control over the camera. It also has an improved head tracker that will make the 3D effect better. The Nintendo new galaxy style is receiving good reviews and the demand for the same has increased. It costs approximately $199.99, and the features are much better in 3DS XL. The galaxy style makes it look more appealing as well.

Another popular choice could also be the Nintendo NES Classic Mini EU console which is also loaded with amazing features.

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