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Types of partial seizures and their indications

If you happen to be an onlooker of a loved one who has been a victim of simple partial seizures, here are some facts that will help you understand this condition better. Firstly you need to realize that simple partial seizures are focused on only one portion of your brain but have chances of spreading from there. A person does not lose consciousness while experiencing a simple partial seizure and since the right part of the brain controls the left side of your system and vice versa, doctors can immediately diagnose which portion of the brain is getting affected during a seizure.

Seizures are commonly segmented into four areas by physicians according to which part of the brain it affects and the body parts targeted. Some partial seizures symptoms have been listed below

  • Autonomic: A partial seizure with autonomic indications targets the portion of the brain that controls involuntary functions. The symptoms of partial autonomic seizure include alterations in level of blood pressure, the rhythm of the heart and even healthy bowel functioning.
  • Psychic: A seizure with psychological indications normally influences the portion of the brain that has control over our emotions. This partial seizure may trigger feelings of déjà vu, tension, and fear, or sadness when the seizure occurs.
  • Motor: A simple partial seizure that has motor indications normally affects the muscle activity of the victim. This emerges as symptoms like jerking motions of the arm, foot or any part of the victim’s body. Physicians can decipher which part of the brain has been affected by scrutinizing which part of the body the symptoms occur in.

Seizures treatment
There are no particular seizures treatments for a victim who has seizure disorders. Each partial seizures treatment plan is specially tailor-made according to the patient’s symptoms and indications. Seizures treatments may consist of nerve stimulation, curative therapy, dietary therapy or even surgery according to the severity of the condition.

  • Sensory: A partial seizure with sensory indications normally affects the sensory organs. The most common symptoms of this kind of partial seizure are experiencing hallucinations, hearing issues and other kinds of distortions.

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