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Points to consider while buying used or refurbished laptops

Used laptops are very different from refurbished laptops even though these two words are used interchangeably. First of all, lets understand the meaning of both of the laptops and gradually, the difference will be clear too. Used laptops, as the name suggests, have been previously used by someone. It is after the usage that these are sold to some other person.

Refurbished laptops might or might not have been used. They should have been having some minor defect like scratches or the issue may also be major and relating to the software. These defects were removed by the company and they have been restored to the condition of a brand new laptop. The refurbished laptops are thus, checked thoroughly for being capable of working as a new laptop. Hence, they are different from used laptops in many aspects.

The first difference between the two is that used laptops are not checked for their working before reselling, while refurbished laptops are thoroughly checked and repaired before reselling. Usually, refurbished laptops, due to minor defects, are returned to the manufacturer or seller. It is the company that deals with the further reselling of the product after repairing it. But the used laptops are usually directly sold by the previous owner of the laptop.

This difference is all the more reason that buying refurbished laptops is much more reliable than buying used ones. Third major difference is that the price of refurbished laptops is more than that of used laptops. This difference in price is justified as the working of a refurbished laptop competes to that of a brand new laptop and is certainty better than that of a used laptop. On this basis, refurbished laptop is a preferred option when it comes to both performance and price. It completes new laptops in price and used ones in usage.

Refurbished laptops usually come with a warranty, while the used laptops may or may not have a warranty; the warranty of the used laptop depends on the time of usage and the warranty received by the previous owner. Generally speaking, refurbished laptops are supposed to be more reliable as they are purchased from the company outlet or an agent. The seller has the responsibility as the warranty would have been given while the refurbished laptop was sold.

Used laptops, on the other hand, are less reliable as the liability of the seller (who is usually the previous owner of the laptop) ends when the resale takes place. So, whenever you are buying a refurbished laptop, a person can be assured that he has some place to go if something goes wrong with his laptop. Such luxury is absent when it comes to buying a used laptop unless the warranty is still valid.

Despite having so many points in their favor, it is not 100% guaranteed that a user will have a better experience with a refurbished laptop than that of a used laptop. Even though there is no warranty along with a used laptop, it is no reason to think that it won’t perform well. Similarly, having a warranty doesn’t mean a refurbished laptop is sure to give a pleasant usage experience.

It is so that some laptops are better refurbished than the others. The buyer has no way of finding out how thorough the laptop has been checked apart from buying and using it. Moreover, a person might need a laptop for very limited use and a used laptop may suffice. Even though a refurbished laptop has an edge over the used one in more aspects than one, it can never be said that users will stop considering the option of buying a used laptop.

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