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Popular Dyson vacuums you can give a shot

There are several types of vacuum cleaners in the market each of which is meant for a specific type of cleaning. Homes with rugs and carpets need a certain type of vacuum cleaner that comes with a bag. On the other hand, canister models are best suited for homes with stairs. For light cleaning, stick and hand-held are the best. Dyson vacuums are a renowned brand which offers all types of modern vacuum cleaners, such as below, at the best price.

Upright vacuum cleaners
These are exclusively meant for deep cleaning. Dyson’s upright vacuum cleaners are most popular as they cost less when compared to canister models. What’s more, these are easy to store. However, a flipside of buying Dyson vacuum in upright models is that these weigh up to 20 pounds and are extremely heavy. They are also relatively noisier.

Canister vacuum cleaners
Dyson vacuums are best for cleaning drapes & upholstery, tiled floors and staircases and are comparatively lighter and less noisy than their upright counterparts. While these are extremely useful in most respects, these are extremely difficult to store due to its bulkiness

Stick vacuum cleaners
While most stick vacuums are similar to upright models in design but most them run on battery. These are light-weight and convenient for a quick cleaning. They have a long handle which eliminates the need to stoop over while cleaning. Dyson’s vacuum that comes in stick models is known to have lesser power in addition to being extremely noisy.

Hand-held vacuum cleaners
These are small electric models which are available in corded and cordless models at Dyson Vacuums. Similar to stick vacuum cleaners these models are also light and handy. These are great for cleaning small carpets and tiled floors. Some models are efficient for cleaning pet hair and they can also be used for cleaning car interiors. When compared to the other types of vacuum cleaners at Dyson vacuums, these have a lower power and capacity.

Central vacuum cleaners
These are devoid of a body and hence are easier to use than a canister type. These are relatively quiet and have larger dirt chambers which do not require to be cleaned frequently. If you can shed a little more money and space, these are very powerful vacuums from the house of Dyson.

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