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Popular therapeutic shoes for women

Orthopedic shoes are a rarity. Even after you manage to get your hands on orthopedic shoes, finding something stylish can be hard. Many women suffer from neuromuscular issues in their skeletal system, especially in their ankles and calf regions. Getting a doctor-prescribed orthopedic shoe can be a lifesaver.

Wide width shoes which are designed for orthopedic use is a blessing in such cases. If you are a woman who has wide feet and feels pain when you move around, look for a pair of therapeutic wide calf boots.

How do you get a pair of shoes that are light, therapeutic, awesome and doesn’t break the bank? Welcome to the popular two wide therapeutic shoes for women.

Dr. Comfort refresh-X therapeutic women’s shoes
These are crafted with leather and are deep enough to fit in feet which need enhanced support. Most women will find these shoes to be comfortable and a good fit for their feet. These shoes don’t compromise on design and can compete with any other shoe. The depth is bigger than that of tennis shoes and the leather and mesh composition makes the shoes easy to clean and maintain for regular use.

A gel insert is included with the shoes and has an elastic lace enclosure for added comfort. The buckle and the lace closure makes sure you don’t have to bend over to tie your shoes which can be of great benefit to those with knee and joint problems. You can fasten and loosen the shoe effortlessly.

These wide width shoes come in sizes four to twelve and are ideal for exercising and outdoor activities for women with big feet. The Dr. Comfort extra wide women’s shoes come in feet widths of D, 2E, and 4E.

Dr. Zen Lori’s extra wide therapeutic women’s shoes
These shoes are suitable for those with diabetic feet and come with an Achilles tendon support. It comes with a Thomas heel and rocker support. The shoes are made up of a high-quality leather and mesh which enhances breathability and prevents moisture from accumulating inside the shoes. It’s reinforced counter and rigid shank holds the feet in place and ensures proper alignment. The shoe is designed primarily for diabetes patients but is geared for all users.

You can take out the removable spacer insoles fitted inside the shoes to install your custom orthopedics. There are a total of two removable insoles so, if you need extra space or wider width, you can take them out too.

These shoes provide you with ample comfort and relief to get you going throughout the day if you suffer from mild to moderate hammertoes. It comes in sizes six to twelve and the color choices available are white, white and pink, white and purple, and white and blue.

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