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Skin Rash: Which condition is it?

A skin rash is typically associated with redness, bumps, and irritation in the form of itchiness or burning. Anything that makes the skin look abnormal can be classified as a rash. Any number of reasons can trigger such rashes.

There are several websites online which provide a lot of information about skin conditions. These descriptions can be detailed and can be accompanied by skin rash photos. However these skin rash pictures are mere representations to help you identify the condition, and it is always advisable to consult your physician, especially if it is something that has persisted for a long time.

Granuloma Annulare: The symptoms of this type of rash includes rings of red, firm bumps on the hand, feet or forearms. If a skin rash shows these symptoms, a doctor can easily diagnose it through a biopsy. The treatment for this can vary depending on the severity of the condition. Often, it disappears on its own, but some doctors may use liquid nitrogen to freeze the lesions. Oral drugs are always an option if quick relief is needed from the symptoms.

Psoriasis: This skin rash problem can be difficult to deal with because of red, bumpy, scale-like formations. Psoriasis appears on the scalp, elbows, and knees. This rash is triggered due to genetic predisposition and certain environmental factors. The t-cells in the immune system tend to attack healthy skin cells like they would during an infection. Before the dead skin can be sloughed off, the healthy skin rises causing the development of patchy skin. Psoriasis can be treated in several ways; some of which include managing flareups using home remedies and natural products. For more intensive care, oral drugs and over-the-counter medications are always available.

Skin rashes can cause distress because it tends to prevent a person from going through their day-to-day activities. The itching and the redness can be both an embarrassment and distraction. However, with effective and timely treatments, skin rashes become easier to deal with.

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