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Things to keep in mind while buying tickets for the Super Bowl this year

Football is one of the most popular and closely followed sport in the country. NFL is the organization that governs everything including ticket prices, being one of the main driving factors for the game. Sponsors and branding aside ticket prices help cover the overheads and other major expenses that form part of organizing and managing a multi-million dollar event or series of games.

Ticket prices can be a couple of hundred dollars to even ten thousand dollars, depending on what are your preferences for enjoying the game. A regular top-tier ticket can cost you maybe $300 to $500 approx since prices will fluctuate depending on a number of factors. However, if you want to enjoy the ultimate fan experience with Pre-game parties and performances, In-game club access and post-game entertainment with on filed access, be prepared to shell out thousands of dollars for the package.

For football fans who just want to watch and enjoy the game, here are a few things to know about Super Bowl Lii tickets and how to save money on the purchases.

Buy just before the games
It is a common misconception that ticket prices will go up as the game draws near, or Super Bowl Lii tickets are cheap only when you buy in advance. However, ticket prices tend to drop just a couple of days before the actual game, and you have a better chance of availing good knock-off prices and discounts for those last-minute purchases. Resale value of tickets already bought will be very low since extra ticket sale are just another form of moving quick inventory.

Find out the opponent
Prices will greatly vary depending on the team playing. Tickets for a local team match and schedule will be comparatively cheaper than buying tickets for a favorite national match. Fans will automatically drive up the prices of national team tickets since the demand will always be more than supply.

Use online tools to compare ticket value
In today’s day and age of technology, you can use a number of tools to determine the best purchase value for tickets and plan for the same in advance. Online applications have been developed to serve this purpose, with sorts the tickets based on value to find you the best price and sources to buy tickets.

Use legitimate sources only
Duping and ticket scams are pretty common where people are lured in with deceptive pricing and package offers. Always buy NFL tickets from their official website and associated ticketing partners since they are legitimate sources.

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