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Various free cell phone deals available in the country

There are many free cell phone deals in the country, which differ from one state to another. The cheapest plan would be Freedom Pop’s Basic 500 plan that has no monthly fee structure, comes with a free cell phone. The features you get are 200 free minutes of talk time, 500 free text messages, and 500MB of free data for a month. They even offer a two-week trial period where you can analyze the speed of the Internet services and opt for a premium plan as well after you feel comfortable with the whole plan and pay an extra of around $23 monthly for a 2GB per month data service.

Saving you almost $150, you can get an Alcatel phone for free. This free cell phone deal is one of the best as it has 16 hours of battery life, a 5-inch display, a 5MP primary camera, and a 2MP front-facing camera. There is no contract for this phone as well. The other free cell phone deal would be Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime that is around $200, but on the qualification of receiving this phone for free, it’s a pretty good deal for a 5-inch screen, a 5MP rear camera and 2MP front camera. This phone has a battery life up to 13 hours and with a playback time of 12 hours with data service. All you need to do is sign up for an unlimited plan with MetroPCS because there is no fee that you have to pay up front and you can procure unlimited talk time and text messages as well. The data services depend on the plan you choose. If your focus is on the camera, go for the LG Aristo 2 that has a 13MP primary camera with a built-in LED flash option, 4x digital zooming facility, autofocus, burst options, voice recognition, etc. This phone has an HD-quality video recording option and it can be directly linked to YouTube and other social media like Instagram and Facebook. If you choose the $30 upfront fee plan, you get unlimited talk time, 2GB full data service, even increased Internet speed by paying. The next best free cheap cell phone deal would be the Motorola Moto E4. This phone is for heavy users with unlimited talk time and unlimited messaging. You save around $129 by paying $50 upfront. The carrier for this free cellphone would be MetroPCS, offering unlimited data for $50 per month and you can switch from your old cell phone carrier to MetroPCS just for getting this phone.

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